The Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" was inaugurated March 29, 2001 and remains the main civilian airport of Athens and the Attica region. It is the busiest airport of Greece and is the main base for the airline Aegean Airlines, as well as other Greek airlines.

The airport is currently in the Group 2 International Council of ACI airports (10-25 million) and from 2014, ranked 31th in the busiest airports in Europe.

The airport currently has two terminals, Main Terminal and Satellite Terminal accessible by a tunnel from the main terminal. It was designed to be able to develop in the years ahead and adapt to the increased number of air travelers. These extensions are planned in six steps. The first step (and current) allows the airport to handle 16 million passengers per year. However, the airport has been rehabilitated to host an annual traffic of 21 million passengers without having to go to the next step, thanks to advanced logistics. The sixth phase will allow the airport to accommodate 50 million passengers per year. As such, the existing parallel runways were designed to accommodate flights whose annual traffic is 50 million passengers.

Starting point for all destinations

Ideally located in the center of Greece, it is a starting point for all holiday destinations in the country.

Many transportation are available to get from Athens airport to the center of Athens and other Greek cities.

Our vehicles are at the arrivals level at Exit 4.

Travel serene, we take care of you

Your driver will meet you right out of your flight to welcome you and take care of your luggage. From that moment, you worry over nothing, your holiday ...!